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Professor of Teaching Methodology in the University of Athens  
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The purpose of these two volumes is a critical analysis of basic sides of modern school instruction, the knowledge of which will help prospective teachers in service to become efficient instructors. So, a great effort was made to approach the phenomenon of learn­ing and teaching under the light of contemporary educational and psychological issues, covering thus a big vacuum in the field of Di­dactic, because Greek bibliography in this area is very limited. The various views exposed in this work aim primarily at equipping the teacher with theoretical considerations and practical techniques that will ensure in making him/her very effective and productive in the classroom.
Particularly the teacher must possess the necessary knowledge and expertise about the teaching models, strategies, techniques and the designing of a lesson. At the same time he/she must also be capable of creating a constructive climate in the classroom and of handling any problems of discipline and disorderly conduct properly. In addition, he/she should recognize the meaning and the value of audiovisual media in learning and should change attitudes towards the integration of children with special educational needs helping them to develop their capabilities as best as they can. Besides, the effective teacher should not forget the impact of objective evaluation upon student's progress, so he/she should invent evaluative procedures to help them determine at any time their improvements regarding' their previous position of progress. Finally, the teacher must combine satisfactory capability, efficiency and critical thinking during the performance of his/her instructional task.