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Professor of Teaching Methodology in the University of Athens  
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Athanassios A. Trilianos is a professor of Teaching Methodology in the Department of Primary Education of the University of Athens. He is a graduate of the School of Philosophy at the same University (1969). He completed his studies on a scholarship by the bequest of Y.Vostanis, Lesvos (FEK 165/20-5-1965, 3rd issue).
            After he completed his military service (1969-1971), he went on post-graduate studies for five years in the United States of America: University of Hartford, Trinity College and University of Connecticut, where he received the following degrees: Master of Education (1973), Six-Year Programme Certificate (1975) (Pre-Doctorate) and Doctorate of Philosophy (1977) in Education.
            For the completion of his doctoral studies, he received a scholarship for relevant research from the State University of Connecticut. He speaks English (certificate of proficiency from the Greek Ministry of Education). He participated in the International Seminar entitled ‘Making In – Service Education Effective’, organized by the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom (1995), on issues concerning teachers’ in-service training and further education.
            He taught the Greek language in the school of the Greek parish of  St. George Orthodox Church, Hartford (1972 – 1976) U.S.A., as well as in schools of secondary education in Lesvos and Attica as a teacher of philology within the State Secondary Education, where he was appointed since August, 1977. In 1981, he was transferred to the Marasleios Teacher’s Academy as a professor of Education, where he taught until 1988. During the following academic year 1988-1989, he also taught pedagogical courses in the School of Teachers’ In- Service Training (SELDE) of Athens. On 25–10-1989, he was elected in the academic rank of the Assistant Professor in the cognitive subject of Teaching Methodology: Theory and Practice and on 1-11-1990, he assumed his duties in the Department of Primary Education of the University of Athens, where he has been serving ever since, after he was elected in the academic rank of the Associate Professor on 21–4-1994 and the rank of Professor on 14-4-1998.
            As a professor of the University of Athens he also taught the course of Teaching Methodology in the Department of Economics and the Department of Informatics of the University of Piraeus (1989 – 1994), in the Marasleios In-Service Primary Teachers’  Trainings School  (1994 until today) and, on post-graduate level, he taught in his Department of Primary Education (1995 – until today), as well as in the Theory of Instruction and Evaluation Program of the Department of Philosophy- Pedagogy and Psychology of the  University of Athens (1997 – 2004). Furthermore, he has also taught in the Primary School Teachers’ Academic and Professional Upgrading Program (1998 – until today).
            He was Assistant Director (1994 – 1995), Vice – President (1995 – 1996) and President (1996 – 1998, 2002 – 2004) of the Marasleios In-Service  Primary Teachers’  Training School and also served as a Vice-President of the Pedagogical Institute of Athens (1999-2000).
He was elected and exercised his duties as President of the Department of Primary Education in the University of Athens (2000 – 2002 and 2004 – until today). He is a member of: “The Isaac N. Thut World Educational Center”, Connecticut, U.S.A, the Greek Educational Society and the Center for Research, Science and Education. In the last two scientific associations, he has also served as Vice-President. He has also organized and participated as president, vice-president and member of organizing and scientific committees in international and Greek conferences with or without scientific presentations.
            He was an external evaluator of new text-books issued by the Pedagogic Institute for the lesson of the Greek Language of the 3rd and 5th grades in Primary Education and he  participated in various committees and workshops held by the Ministry of Education on educational issues.