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Professor of Teaching Methodology in the University of Athens  
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In this monography an effort has been made to analyze and examine thoroughly the issue of critical thinking and its possibility to be cultivated systematically at all levels of Greek Education through daily teaching techniques that can be integrated during the instructional process or through certain subjects, such as Philosophy, Logic and Mathematics. Living in a world of accelerating change and complexity the people will survive only if as pupils cultivate a form of thinking and learning that involves much more intellectual discipline and the skill of self - evaluation.
Focusing on this core - idea the book starts with approaches to the definitions of critical thinking and its main characteristics, as well as its importance for developing it at schools. A comparison between critical and creative thinking was also considered necessary to show that these different kinds of thinking are inseparable and mutually affected. A brief review of the developments of critical thinking from' the Greek antiquity up to date constitutes another indispensable topic of this work, so the reader can follow its evolution and its advocates through the centuries. But the major part of the book refers to the techniques, principles, processes, teaching models and lessons that help pupils to practice and promote critical thinking abilities and skills, thus making them capable to face successfully daily problems of real life.